Millions of Afghan children have had their lives destroyed by three decades of warfare

They have lost their parents, their homes and the right to a normal, happy childhood.

Orphan Tears is a small, non-profit, volunteer organization focused on giving them a safe place to live  so they can have a brighter future. We are working hand in hand to provide the basic necessities such as food and education in Kabul. In the future, we hope to build orphanages and schools for Afghan Orphans in various Afghan cities. These little children will fulfill their potential as human beings and grow up to be productive members of Afghan society if they have love, care and support from a young age. You can help us.

How Orphan Sponsorship Works

We've made sponsoring an orphan through Orphan Tears a simple process. First, browse the photosof unsponsored orphans and let your heart lead you to your child.

When you find the orphan you want to sponsor, simply fill out the contact information form and choose your method of giving. There are two ways to make your monthly orphan sponsorship gift.

You can (1) have us automatically debit your checking account on the 20th of each month, or (2) set up automatic monthly credit card deductions. We prefer to automatically deduct your orphan sponsorship gift each month from either your bank account or credit card, because those methods save us administrative costs. Also, you won't have to remember to send checks each month or use a stamp. Start looking for your orphan!

When we receive your first contribution, we will send you two wallet-sized photos of your sponsored orphan —one as a prayer reminder to place on your refrigerator door, and one to carry in your wallet or purse to show others—in hopes that they might become interested in following your good example. Start looking for your orphan!

Although you are sponsoring one orphan that you "adopt," your gifts will benefit an entire Family. Please pray with us that every Orphan child in the world will soon be sponsored.

Although you will not receive monthly receipts for your contributions, you can log in to your online account and view your giving and print out a giving statement at any time. Again, not having to send you monthly acknowledgements in the mail, save us administrative costs. Your money is not being wasted, but is benefiting orphans.


You can correspond with your orphan and call hem ore she any time, it is possible to visit your sponsored orphan at his or her Home. For information, please contact us.

You may discontinue you sponsorship at any time by contacting Orphan tears. When your orphan is old enough to leave, you will be notified.