ABOUT Orphan tears

Orphan Tears is a part of Sheikh sadudin Ansari Foundation Founded in 2010 by Dipl. Eng. Khwaja Darwish Kamal and his son Yama Kamal is a non-profit charity organization.

The Belding (Sheikh Sadudin Ansari Plaza ) it self also donated by founder, with 24 retail shops and a income of 2500 USD monthly at the moment in order to help Afghan orphans. The organization is under council supervision of Ustad Abdullah Ahmadshahi, Ustad Haidari Wojoodi, Ustad Mahjoor Saheb, Ustad Gulagha Berang Saheb, Ustad Faruq Orokzai Saheb, Ustad Rahim Gafari, Dipl. Eng. Gulam Sakhi Gairat, Dipl. Eng Abdul Ahad , Dipl. Eng. Darwish Kamal, Yama Kamal,Ustad Farid Tabesh, Ustad Khwaja Hafiyulah, Moohanad Kasem Saleh. He alone can not bring big change in the afghan orphans live.

So we determined that we would try to find people like you who would sponsor one child through a gift of USD $50 per month, something just about anyone from America, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia or New Zealand can afford. Because all our administrative costs are paid by our parent ministry, USD $50 can actually provide food, clothing, and school expenses for one orphan in Afghanistan for one month. We presently assist thirty orphanages in Kabul.


If you have sponsored a child, you get all information present address Telephone No. of him or she and a video will be sent to you on a quarterly basis so you can see how much you have helped them. For you awareness you can contact you sponsored child anytime yourself, and keep in thatch is adaptive parents.